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aeternumcorpus "..Akane.. Cover your ears." Glares at the anon.

"But then I’m hiding, just like it said…I won’t hide. I won’t hide from the truth."


A mixture of depression and unease is what kept Hibiya from making any noise. Akane seemed even worse off than when this whole thing started. There was nothing they could do at this point and since Akane had more knowledge on how these types of things worked, he could tell by her actions that whatever chance they had to escape was gone.

The only thing the prince understood was from this point on it’d be better if he kept his mouth shut. The wrong word could easily put them in a worse position and while this wasn’t exactly the most positive situation, he preferred for them to get out of it both alive and as uninjured as possible. Akane had told him that he’d likely be the one in the most danger so it was even wiser for him to keep quiet.

As they’re led deeper into the decrepit shrine, there was a kind of bitter irony to behold as the run down building reflected how its once holy nature had left this place. Not that the prince put all too much faith into such things, perhaps he’d change his mind depending on how the rest of their time here went.

He stayed silent when the introductions began as beyond hearing his name and learning their situation better, Hibiya saw no reason to talk. A part of him was touched by Akane’s actions and desperation to make sure he was safe, but he also understood that now was not the time for such behavior. She had said herself that he was only a tool here to keep her in check. Based on her actions, they wouldn’t hesitate in killing him in front of her, and she knew as much, but he also understood why this was so hard to just stand by and do nothing.

Goosebumps broke out as the warnings got more stern each time she interrupted and he was seconds away from attempting to ask her to stop. A panic stirred in him against his will as soon the shouts left Akane’s lips. Before he could so much as beg or do anything, a man had his wrist in a firm grip.

He’s going to break it. Don’t—don’t, please don’t—

A short gasp left his lips seconds before the break is actually heard; mid hyperventilation, a scream pierced through. He’s never felt anything so painful as the most he’s ever suffered is from accidents everyone at some point or another experiences such as bruised or skinned knees or the occasional injury from dropping something or walking into something.

Nothing ever like this.

All sense of thought left him momentarily as his brain tried to process what just happened, but all he can process is that his wrist is hanging limply and hurts. The bone didn’t pierce through and in reality the break wasn’t actually as bad as the prince could figure out at the time. All that consumed his mind was blinding pain and a nudge against his back to indicate that he’s supposed to be moving again.

Motoharu’s order didn’t register, not even the fact that he should be acting stronger for Akane’s sake registered. Tears stained his cheeks and if he could think clearly enough, he’d probably feel ashamed at how poorly he was taking everything. 

Hibiya’s scream was worse than any injury would’ve been. Akane’s eyes remained as wide as they’d stretched when she first heard it. She followed the guards numbly, unable to focus at all. She could only hear Hibiya’s cry and imagine every way she should have prevented it. 

I did it. I hurt him.

Her mouth was dry. 

The procession ended at the east wing, just as Motoharu directed. A sturdy yakuza slid the door open and ushered the two royals into the tea pavilion. It was indeed a beautiful room, and its paper walls fluttered with restored artwork. An east-facing window graced them with a view of the sloping mountain hidden behind a pane of glass. The floor was tatami, and two futons were already prepared.

"Stay here until the boss calls for you again," The guard instructed. Then he slid the door shut again. Akane heard a distant click, but no retreating footsteps. 

The princess didn’t know what to do. She stared at Hibiya’s swollen wrist, already blue in some places. It was her fault. It was all her fault, everything from the kidnapping until now. 

I shouldn’t have-

Shouldn’t have what? How far back did her actions go? How long would she need to rewind to make this situation OK? Akane didn’t know. She felt hollow and empty. Unacceptable, that was the word she internalized. Hibiya’s pain was unacceptable. This couldn’t happen to him, and especially not because of her. 

She needed to do something.


Akane led him to one of the futons and sat them both down on its soft bedding. She met his eyes and held them with a strong, determined gaze. There wasn’t an ounce of fear to be found within the princess: she had resolve. It was the sort of steel that would follow a soldier into battle. Akane didn’t care what happened to her next. Hibiya’s situation was unacceptable. 

"I’m going to fix this. Don’t worry." She swore, "I’ll get you out of here. I don’t care what it takes. You are going to be OK. I promise I will do everything I can."

Her intensity only proliferated as she spoke. An anger simmered in the pit of her stomach, a terrible, molten anger. How dare he do this to an innocent person, she spat inwardly, how dare he. She wanted to kill him. She would sneak out through the window, she’d find some kind of sharp weapon, and she’d drive it through his jugular. Motoharu would die.  

Anonymous How long can you afford to be ignorant, princess? Are you going to block out the truth because it's inconvenient? Again? Wake up, Akane. Your family is the only safe place for you. Everywhere else puts you and others in danger.

Please stop. That isn’t true. It can’t be true. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I won’t let anyone be hurt because of me, so, so please stop this. I know it’s a lie. It’s all a lie, everything. Hibiya and I can’t be together. But I’m going to try. I’ll do anything. I’ll protect him, I really will. I can protect us…

Anonymous You know that you and Hibiya have no future together. Your love for him endangers him. If you truly loved Hibiya, you'd leave him alone. He doesn't really love you, anyway, he just likes attention.

Wait. Wait, that can’t… I know that I’m hurting Hibiya by loving him, but…what you’re saying, that he doesn’t even love me…that can’t be true. He does love me, he promised, he-… lied…? No…that isn’t how it is. Stop. Don’t say these things, just stop. I love Hibiya. 

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"Akane…I’m, just forget I ever said that. Okay? Now come here."

he sat down crisscrossed and opened his arms wide. He didn’t mean to make her sad…. What a selfish thing to think.

Akane listened and came to sit in Shizuo’s lap, laying her head on his chest. After a moment, she tipped her face up to his and told him quietly:

"Don’t you know…if you didn’t help me that time, then I would be dead? I wouldn’t even be here…"

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