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Hides the princess in the garden. “We can take a nap again there, that was nice.”

Yeah, that would be nice. 

tsxgaru replied to your post

Pats on head in attempt to cheer a friend up.

Thank you, Tsugaru-nii. That makes me feel a little better.

psyche-logical replied to your post

"Good night little lady!"

Good night… 

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[[ Sweetest dreams Akane-chan *covers in love* ]]


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Goodnight Little Miss. Sleep well~ I hope you feel better :)



when all your friends are online at the same time


rirochii "Tickle war has been declared!"

Immediately, the little princess sprung into action. After all, this was a serious matter: tickle war was not to be taken lightly! Akane turned on her heel and sped away from Chikage as fast as she could, calling out in a wobbly echo:

"You have to catch me to defeat me!" 

Giggles of excitement bubbled up the little girl’s throat. She knew that Chikage was a devious foe. Even if she’d outrun him for now, he would find a way to catch her. She drew her limbs inward, attempting to make herself as small a target as possible, and stalked silently through the apartment. She tiptoed into the kitchen and glanced around, searching for her giant opponent. 

Maybe I should hide…?

No, in the end she decided that hiding would be dishonorable. One does not cower when thrust into the field of battle! Akane would simply need to anticipate Chikage’s assault and use it against him. She snuck past the refrigerator and past the stove. Her eyes ran over empty ramen cups, fliers, and dirty dishes. Finally, she concluded that the kitchen was safe.

Where was he? She hadn’t heard so much as a peep from the other room. Akane exited the kitchen and stealthily explored the dining area. It was a typical tatami room with a square table in the middle and four cushions for seats. Akane spied a basket of mandarins in the center and drew near to investigate. They were nicely arranged, and Akane couldn’t resist taking one into her hands and playing with it. She rolled the orange around from palm to palm, smiling at the way it tickled her skin. 

I hope I’ll smell like orange blossoms now! 

Yet, wasn’t there something important occurring? Akane reached forward to place the orange back in the basket. Then all of a sudden, two arms lifted her straight into the air.

"Waahaaaa!" Akane shrieked, gripping the hands on her tummy tightly. She couldn’t help laughing at first because she already knew who the culprit was, but when he started to tickle her, she was even more helpless.

"Rocchiiiii!" Akane cackled, wiggling all about in his arms like a fish at the end of a hook. Her grinning friend carried her all the way back from the dining room to the living room, where he sat down on the couch and kept her in his lap.


But Rocchi’s fingers didn’t listen. They found every sensitive patch beneath her chin, under her arms, and atop her belly button. Akane laughed so hard she could barely breathe. She attempted a weak counterattack by tickling the insides of Rocchi’s wrists, but by the look of things, he didn’t even feel it. Akane flopped onto her belly and hiccuped out a few more giggles.

"No more!" She shouted into the sofa cushion, "I give up!"  

nox-candida-lilia "I bit my lip. Will you kiss it better?"

She paused and crossed her arms, studying Tsuki’s expression. Though the woman was prone to self-injury at times, Akane still experienced difficulty deciphering when Tsuki wanted attention and when she was actually hurt. At the moment, she deduced that this was a plea for attention. The princess doubted there were many thugs hiding around the forest area to punch Tsuki’s lip up.

The young princess sighed playfully and crossed the wooden floor. She fell onto the sofa beside Tsuki and allowed her limbs to sprawl about comfortably. One arm landed behind the sofa’s backboard, the other draped itself across Tsuki’s shoulders. It had certainly been a long day, probably longer for Akane than for Tsuki, since the latter was physically toned. But hiking through the valley filled Akane’s head with vision. Whenever she felt a dry spell in motivation, she’d decided the best thing to do was to return to nature. Everything was a mirror, some were big, and some were small, and if she could find a representative mirror in the great forests of Japan, maybe they could reveal some plan of action-

It was too much thinking for right now. Right now, she wanted to be in this cozy den with her loving friend.

"If you insist," She replied languidly, parting her lips to reveal a coquettish grin. Akane leaned her smaller body against Tsuki’s and kissed her sweetly. As she connected them, her hands gathered to Tsuki’s waist and then traveled up her back. The princess parted their lips for a moment only to tip her face and return with another kiss, sensually rubbing Tsuki’s alleged injury as she lowered them both into the couch cushions. When Akane ended the last kiss, she lay horizontally atop Tsuki’s chest. 

"All better?" She asked lightly, laying her head in the crook of her partner’s neck. Akane enjoyed the warmth of Tsuki’s beating heart beneath her own, and she sought to feel it against her fingertips as she interlaced their hands. After the exhaustion of that day’s events, a quiet cuddle was paradise to the spent princess. Her limbs felt heavier and heavier by the second, and soon it seemed impossible to move from atop Tsuki’s rhythmically rising bosom.

psyche-logical "Bunny pajamas, really?"

Akane must’ve jumped more than five feet in the air. 

When she turned around, her limbs still numb from the shock, she found a small man sitting gingerly in her window. Immediately, the little princess scurried to the end of her bed and seized a pillow with which to defend herself. 

"Wh-What are you doing!" She squeaked, clutching the cushion in her arms as though it would protect her from all danger. The person in her bedroom didn’t seem fazed at all by her terrified display. If anything, he made himself even more at home. He stepped in, removed his sparkling white shoes, and adjusted the pink headphones on his ears. Akane watched him in horror, her little back pressed so far up against her bed’s board that the knobs of her spinal column began to ache. 

"Are…" She gulped, "Are you here to kidnap me?"

The burglar smiled and shook his head. He approached her pillow and Akane cowered, hiding her head in its soft face. But the person didn’t want to touch her at all. Instead, he gently rubbed the loose fabric of her pajamas pants between two gloved fingers. Akane peeked out from behind the pillow to watch the pink bunnies on her PJs wink and fold beneath the pressure. 

"They’re cute, though," He remarked. 

"Uwhwah?" Akane hiccuped.